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Monday Night Raw Results – March 2, 2015

Monday Night Raw
Date: March 2, 2015
Location: Prudential Center, Newark, New Jersey
Commentators: Booker T., John Bradshaw Layfield, Michael Cole
We’re one step closer to Wrestlemania this week and the big event coming out of last week is Randy Orton not attacking Seth Rollins as everyone expected him to at the end of the show. That would seem to be a layup for a match at Wrestlemania but you never can tell around this company. Let’s get to it.
Opening sequence.
Here are Rollins and the Stooges to get things going. Before he can say anything though, we get a clip of him appearing on the Daily Show with Jon Stewart last Thursday. Stewart is on his way here so Rollins suggests that he beg for forgiveness now and turn around. This isn’t like Lawler vs. Kauffman because unlike the Daily Show, every single person in this arena paid to see him tonight.
Cue Roman Reigns, who tells Rollins to keep talking because he wanted to hear what it sounded like to hear the fans tell Seth that he sucks. Rollins says he’s worth more than Michael Jordan because he can out work and out talk anyone, including Wiz Khalifa. He can even out eat Mark Henry. Khalifa is scheduled to perform next week and Henry is rumored to be here tonight so that sounds like an internet newsletter come to life.
Rollins doesn’t think Reigns can beat Brock Lesnar, but he can beat both Lesnar and Reigns. Roman asks if Rollins is man enough to make the main event of Wrestlemania a triple threat match as the fans chant for Punk. Rollins thinks it’s smarter to cash in on the winner of the match, or maybe do it the next night. Or maybe just cash in when no one is expecting it. Or maybe Reigns should just punch him in the mouth right now, which is what he does. The Stooges are laid out and Reigns stands on the Money in the Bank briefcase.
Post break, Rollins yells at the Stooges for letting him get hit in the mouth. Randy Orton pops up and says the same thing. He thinks Rollins should demand a match with Reigns tonight to prove he can out talk Jon Stewart and out wrestle Roman Reigns as well. Rollins says he can out wrestle anyone on the roster, which doesn’t sit well with Orton.
Dean Ambrose vs. Bad News Barrett
Non-title with R-Truth on commentary. Ambrose stomps away in the corner to start as Cole brings up the multi-man ladder match for the Intercontinental Title at Wrestlemania. Truth is officially announced for the match as Ambrose stomps away at the ribs and puts on a cross leg face rip. A bulldog sets up the standing elbow drop but Barrett crotches him to take over. The champ boots him out to the floor and holds up his title as we take a break.
Back with Ambrose fighting out of a chinlock but Barrett goes outside to yell at Truth for being a thief. Ambrose hits a suicide dive to take Barrett down though and hits the running standing elbow off the apron. This allows Truth to comically sneak over and steal the title belt. Winds of Change plants Ambrose as Luke Harper comes up and takes the belt from Truth. The distraction lets Ambrose hit Dirty Deeds for the pin on Barrett at 9:23.
Result: Dean Ambrose b. Bad News Barrett – Dirty Deeds (9:23)
Most of the midcard is in the back when Miz asks for silence. He calls Mizdow borderline worthless before giving us the world premiere of the new commercial. Mizdow tries to tell Miz something but Miz cuts him off and mentions a bunch of actors. As expected, it’s for an erectile dysfunction pill and has Mizdow involved with the good looking women. Back live and Mizdow can’t control his laughter. Neither can the rest of the people in the room. Miz yells at everyone and says his little general has plenty of bullets. This is all Mizdow’s fault of course and Miz slaps him, again setting Mizdow off to a big reaction but once again he backs down.
Here’s Bray Wyatt to ask if Undertaker is still the heart of fear. He wants Undertaker to come out and see him because Bray has built his own casket. Everything comes at a price though and Bray pulls out a gasoline can. He’s always had a fascination with fire because it has no prejudice and no feelings, just like him. No one can hide from him because everything burns, including Undertaker at Wrestlemania. He pours the gas on the casket and lights it on fire before shouting to find him.
Natalya/Tyson Kidd/Cesaro vs. Usos/Naomi
Genders have to match here. Jey and Kidd get things going but the champs take over with a quick double team. A Samoan drop puts Cesaro down but he bails to the floor, setting up a tag to the women. Naomi pops Natalya in the face and starts a quick pinfall reversal sequence, only to have Naomi kick Natalya in the ribs.
Naomi doesn’t buy a leg injury from Natalya and sunset flips her for two, only to have it quickly go back to Jimmy and Kidd. A Whisper in the Wind drops Kidd but he dives away from a double superkick and tags Natalya. The distraction lets Natalya get a rollup pin at 2:54.
Result: Usos/Naomi b. Tyson Kidd/Cesaro/Natalya – Rollup to Natalya (2:54)
Kidd and Natalya almost get in a fight but they hug it out.
Here’s John Cena with something to say after Rusev turned down his request for a rematch last week. He says this is one of those rare occasions where his detractors are having a good time because not only did Rusev beat him in their first match but his rematch was turned down. Cena is going to get his rematch and is going to bring the title back home to America. Rusev is a marked man and he’s going to lose that title at Wrestlemania. If he won’t defend it though, maybe he could just enter the Andre battle royal.
Here’s Stephanie, who asks when do people just announce what match they’re in. Cena: “That’s what everyone does in the battle royal.” Stephanie doesn’t get the term Murderer’s Row (famous baseball lineup, means a great talent pool) and brings up a picture of her sitting on Andre’s knee after the first Wrestlemania.
She says Cena can’t disparage Andre’s legacy but Cena cuts her off and says this is about Wrestlemania. He says she won’t leave him off Wrestlemania so she goes into full on evil Stephanie mode and says WWE is bigger than any star it’s ever had. The question is what will Cena do without WWE, not the other way around.
Cue Curtis Axel of all people who says he’s already deserving a spot in the main event so he should win the battle royal too. A LOUD Axelmania chant starts up and Stephanie thinks he may be the next John Cena. Stephanie makes a match right now, but stops to say Cena can only get his match with Rusev by changing his mind. Axel: “WHATCHA GONNA DO WHEN AXELMANIA RUNS WILD ON YOU???” He rips the shirt off and Cena looks stunned. Cena gives him one chance to leave before pain comes to him.
John Cena vs. Curtis Axel
The bell rings after the break and Axel does Hogan poses. Cena stares a hole in the back of Axel’s head, hits some clotheslines, the AA and the STF for the submission at 2:02.
Result: John Cena b. Curtis Axel – STF (2:02)
Post match Rusev comes out and says no.
Arn Anderson and Michael Hayes talk about Sting’s career and how great he really was. This lasts all of ten seconds.
Here’s HHH to talk about coming to this company twenty years ago. Now he’s the COO and a thirteen time World Champion. Eight days ago he offered Sting a chance to be immortal, but now he has the chance to make it as if Sting never existed. But why didn’t Sting come here before? HHH invites Booker T. into the ring because Booker recently said HHH politiced Sting from ever coming to the company. Why does he think that? That makes Booker sound like one of those internet fans that think they know the ins and outs of the business when they don’t know a thing.
Booker says no one has ever been able to control Sting and now HHH gets to deal with him at Wrestlemania. HHH thanks him for the opinion and then fires him. Booker goes to leave but HHH says he’s changed his mind. That was just an example of the control he has because he’s been handed the chance to end the last vestige of WCW and that’s what he’ll do.
Divas Title: Paige vs. Nikki Bella
Nikki is defending again in a rematch from Fast Lane. We even get Big Match Intros. Paige knocks her around to start but Nikki bails to the floor to avoid the PTO. A minute in and we hit the break. Back with Nikki cranking on the arms on the mat. Paige fights up but walks into a weak spinebuster for two.
A double clothesline puts both girls down it’s Paige up first for a trio of clotheslines and a running dropkick for two. The PTO is loaded up again but Paige has to nail Brie. Nikki misses her forearm and eats a superkick, setting up the PTO. Cue Brie for the DQ at 6:46.
Result: Paige b. Nikki Bella via DQ when Brie Bella interfered (6:46)
AJ runs in for the save and attacks the Bellas as the announcers talk about what a strange alliance this is.
Post break, AJ and Paige kind of agree to be friends to fight the Bellas.
It’s time for the Daily Show with Seth Rollins, complete with a copy of the Daily Show’s intro. Rollins takes some shots at Stewart’s Oscar hosting last year (it was seven years ago) and at his movie Rosewater for not doing so well as the Stooges applaud in the background. Cue the real Stewart to rips on the Curb Stomp being a New Jersey greeting instead of something to fear. He remembers the wrestlers that earned their spots like Sammartino and Monsoon.
Rollins never went up against the establishment like Austin or fought through injuries like Undertaker. Seth wants to be the poster boy, but just like posters, they get taken down when people are tired of them. If the Authority really cared about him, why isn’t he in the main event at Wrestlemania? He’s better on the mic and claims to be better in the ring, but it’s Lesnar vs. Reigns.
Stewart says the briefcase doesn’t belong to Rollins because he was at Money in the Bank and saw what really happened. That’s enough for Rollins as he grabs Stewart by the collar, drawing out Orton for the save, but Stewart kicks Rollins low and escapes on his own.
Post break Stewart leaves quickly to avoid retaliation.
Daniel Bryan vs. Luke Harper
Cole says Bryan isn’t going to Wrestlemania either. Harper starts fast but gets sent face first into the middle buckle. A running dropkick has him in trouble but Luke slams Bryan to the floor as we take an early break. Back with Harper kicking him in the face and hitting a half nelson suplex for two. A rollup gets the same for Bryan before Harper throws him down again. That’s fine with Bryan as he counters into the YES Lock for the win at 6:23.
Result: Daniel Bryan b. Luke Harper – YES Lock (6:23)
Barrett comes out to take the belt back, but it’s stolen by Ambrose, Harper, Truth then Harper again with the big man leaving with the belt. Ziggler cuts him off with a superkick though and puts the title on his shoulder. Dolph climbs the ladder with the belt and Bryan does a YES chant on the table.
Alundra Blayze Hall of Fame video. That’s quite the surprise.
Orton yells at Rollins for going after Stewart but promises to have his back if Rollins needs him. Big Show and Kane come up and say they have his back, so Noble says Orton won’t be needed. Randy walks away, saying suit yourself.
Here’s Heyman who says he’s going to shoot from the hip. Yes Brock will be at Wrestlemania. Believe that. He’ll be anywhere he pleases before the title match. He’ll be anywhere he pleases after the title match. He’ll be anywhere he wants as the WWE Champion. Fans like to believe their fantasies, starting with Daniel Bryan having a chance at beating his client.
Reality is that Lesnar would squash him under his boot, so now it’s time for Roman Reigns. Heyman has to switch microphones before he rants about the fans buying into this idea of Reigns. WWE has already bought the confetti and the pyro but it’s a big waste of time.
Last week he said Sammartino, Hogan, Austin, Rock HHH and Cena couldn’t beat Lesnar. Fan: “ANDRE!” Heyman to the fan: “I DIDN’T MENTION HIM BECAUSE HE’S DEAD STUPID!” Heyman says none of those people disputed a single thing he said last week because it’s all true. At Wrestlemania, Lesnar is going to conquer Reigns and maybe he’ll just Ronda Rousey Roman. BELIEVE THAT.
Roman Reigns vs. Seth Rollins
Reigns knocks him around with ease to start and sends Rollins hard into the corner. Seth’s comeback is easily stopped with a knee to the ribs but he catches Reigns with a dropkick. We hit the right hands to the face and Reigns is sent hard into the buckle, but here’s Orton for a distraction as we go to our last break.
Back with Rollins holding a chinlock for a bit until Roman makes his comeback with some clotheslines and a tilt-a-whirl slam for two. Mercury breaks up the Superman Punch, allowing Rollins to score with an enziguri for two. Roman fights up again but Noble’s distraction lets Rollins kick him in the face.
A powerbomb from Reigns puts both guys down. They head outside with Big Show getting in a cheap shot but Reigns dives off the apron to take him down. Kane nails him in the ribs with a chair, giving Rollins a near fall back inside. We get yet another comeback from Reigns as he nails a Superman Punch, only to have Orton grab the foot, allowing Rollins to roll up Reigns for the pin at 15:38.
Result: Seth Rollins b. Roman Reigns – Rollup (15:38)
Reigns snaps post match and destroys everyone not named Orton. He hits a huge dive over the top and spears Rollins out of the air as JBL shouts about him being ready to end the show.
Dean Ambrose b. Bad News Barrett – Dirty Deeds
Usos/Naomi b. Natalya/Cesaro/Tyson Kidd – Rollup to Natalya
John Cena b. Curtis Axel – STF
Paige b. Nikki Bella via DQ when Brie Bella interfered
Daniel Bryan b. Luke Harper – YES Lock
Seth Rollins b. Roman Reigns – Rollup

Possible Reason Why CM Punk Never Outsold John Cena in Merchandise

During a recent edition of MLW Radio with Court Bauer, Konnan and MSL, a possible reason as to why former WWE superstar CM Punk never outsold John Cena in merchandise was revealed.

The following was transcribed by Reddit user kingbigguy:

“When CM Punk was red hot and started to outsell the John Cena merchandise, I know people that work in the company in the merchandise department, I know people that work the arenas and sell the merchandise, and I can tell you exactly what WWE did: as soon as John Cena started getting outsold by CM Punk, they made 3 additional John Cena designs, they refused to make a second CM Punk design and they started undershipping the CM Punk design on purpose. For every CM Punk shirt they would ship to the arena, they would triple John Cena shirts and they would do 3 John Cena designs. So every 10 shirts in the arena, if 9 are Cena, only one is Punk. Punk is going to sell out right away because they didn’t send enough and at the end of the night they’re going ‘Oh John Cena quadrupled Punk’s merchandise.’ Of course he did! Because you’ve purposely created a situation where it would be impossible for CM Punk to outsell John Cena.”

You can listen to the full episode by clicking here.

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Vince McMahon Reportedly Threatens to Sue Brock Lesnar

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar had initially been advertised for last week’s edition of “Monday Night Raw,” just after the “Fastlane” pay-per-view. He and his advocate Paul Heyman were set to address Roman Reigns’, the No. 1 contender for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at WrestleMania.

However, a backstage argument between Vince McMahon and Lesnar reportedly got incredibly heated, and ultimately led to Lesnar having his appearance canceled. The “Beast Incarnate” walked out of the arena, and WWE was forced to re-write its main event. The argument was said not to involve anything from creative, but purely financially.

According to F4WOnline, the confrontation between McMahon and Lesnar almost turned physical. Dave Meltzer reports there was a lot of shouting back and forth between the two in public. There was concern from several that McMahon would be physically outmatched by Lesnar if it turned into a fight, but nothing ultimately occurred.

He also noted McMahon was approached as to whether the argument would change any plans regarding the WrestleMania main event, which was met with assurance it would not. It is said McMahon is not worried about Lesnar no-showing the biggest pay-per-view of the year, because the company could easily sue the champion for breach of contract.

Lesnar appeared at UFC 184 Saturday night and reportedly met with Dana White. His last contracted appearance for WWE is the “RAW” after WrestleMania, and it is known he has several suitors in the MMA world.

Editor’s Note

Ugly, ugly situation, which likely means he’s on his way out. Will they throw him under the bus once more?

Saturday, February 28, 2015

Brock Lesnar Appears Cageside at UFC 184 Event

As if the rumors of current WWE World Heavyweight Champion Brock Lesnar jumping to the Ultimate Fighting Championship following WrestleMania 31 weren’t strong enough, an appearance at a UFC show on Feb. 28 has now added fuel to the fire.

Lesnar appeared cageside at UFC 184 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California, stirring the pot for a possible return to the company.

When asked why Lesnar was in attendance, UFC President Dana White said with a smile on his face, “I don’t know [why he’s here.]” (per Yahoo Sports)

Lesnar reportedly walked out of “Monday Night Raw” on Feb. 23 in Nashville after a dispute backstage with WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, although it was later revealed that he did not fly home.

He’s currently scheduled to defend his championship against Roman Reigns in the main event of WrestleMania 31.

Editor’s Note

It’s looking more and more likely that Lesnar will be stepping back in the octagon at some point in 2015 or 2016. This makes the outcome at WrestleMania 31 all the more obvious, no?

Information on Rey Mysterio Working Independent Circuit

After a lengthy contractual dispute, which even involved a legal battle, Rey Mysterio and WWE parted ways on Thursday, Feb. 26. Following the news, reports surfaced about Mysterio likely returning to the AAA lucha libre wrestling promotion, which also houses the “Lucha Underground” television series. Additionally, Mysterio was said to be commanding a lot of money on the independent circuit. 
F4WOnline has published a report with the latest in regards to Rey Mysterio working the independent circuit, now that he is no longer contractually tied to WWE. According to the website, Mysterio is reportedly asking around $20,000 American per appearance on the independent scene.
If the reported price figure is true, it appears that Mysterio has no problem finding takers. The former WWE and World Heavyweight Champion has already been advertised to appear for the 4 Front Wrestling promotion, abbreviated 4FW, based out of the United Kingdom. Mysterio is slated to appear at a show for the promotion on Sunday, July 19, according to a post on its website.

Backstage Information on Rey Mysterio’s WWE Departure

Rey Mysterio has left World Wrestling Entertainment, according to online reports.

Reports first surfaced on social media, where several fans noticed the former World Heavyweight Champion’s profile had been moved to the alumni section of the company’s website.

Mysterio hasn’t featured on WWE television since the night after WrestleMania 30 and is reported to have been in a long contractual dispute with the company. In August 2014, it was said Mysterio had a ‘handshake agreement’ with WWE COO Triple H that would see the two sides go their separate ways. During the same month, it was widely speculated that Mysterio intended on joining the Mexican AAA promotion, with a teaser video even airing at the end of the company’s ‘TripleMania’ event.

Neither WWE or Mysterio have offered official comment on the situation.

As previously reported, it was announced by WWE on Thursday, Feb. 26, that Rey Mysterio is no longer contractually tied to the company. The announcement came shortly after Mysterio was slyly moved to the Alumni section of 

Following Rey Mysterio’s WWE departure, PWInsider has provided an update on the situation, with some backstage information. According to the website, Rey Mysterio did not cut a deal with WWE to terminate his contract. Instead, Mysterio’s WWE contract simply expired at some point in the last couple of days.

The three-time World Champion is expected to draw in a lot of interest on the independent circuit, while also commanding a lot of money. Konnan, a long-time friend of Mysterio, has been helping Mysterio cut deals with a number of promotions. Announcements may very well come as soon as Friday, Feb. 27. At one point, a big announcement regarding Mysterio leaving WWE was planned, but with news getting out on Thursday, those plans likely fell through.

For these appearances, Mysterio will likely not be wrestling. Instead, they will likely be autograph signings and other non-active public appearances.

In regards to Mysterio possibly joining “Lucha Underground,” which Konnan is part of, no deal between the two sides has been signed just yet. However, the two sides are expected to work together, with Mysterio’s return matches being for the AAA lucha libre promotion and its television series. Mysterio is rumored to be coming to “Lucha Underground” as the person who introduced Konnan to Prince Puma, one of AAA’s champions.

Mysterio’s first event with AAA will reportedly be the March 15 “Rey De Reyes” show. The promotion recently announced a press conference for next week, which may very well be about Mysterio’s return to AAA.

Editor’s Note

With Mysterio finally free from WWE, expect to see some news regarding his future in the coming days or weeks. He will be able to rake in the money on the independent circuit; that’s for sure.

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Impact Wrestling – February 27, 2015 Results

Impact Wrestling
Date: February 27, 2015
Location: Manchester Arena, Manchester, England
Attendance: 3,300
Commentators: Josh Matthews, Taz

It’s off to England now after two pretty solid shows in Scotland. The main story coming out of last week is MVP earning a World Title shot by winning the gauntlet match, even though it was more of a group effort from the Beat Down Clan. Other than that we have the continuing story of Bram vs. Magnus, which should pick up again here in England. Let’s get to it.

We open with a recap of the gauntlet match with Kurt Angle almost surviving the entire BDC but finally getting caught at the end.

Here’s Kurt Angle who doesn’t waste any time in calling out Lashley. Kurt says Lashley doesn’t have to respect him, but he needs to respect the title. Last week Lashley didn’t do anything to help him in the gauntlet match, but Lashley rightly says that wasn’t his fight. Therefore tonight, it’s MVP vs. Lashley and Angle won’t be there to help him. Lashley doesn’t want his help because it’s his own fight. Angle says he won’t help him and leaves.

Lashley is about to do the same but the Beat Down Clan interrupts. Joe says the BDC doesn’t need luck because tonight, the Clan’s MVP will win the title by any means available. MVP says no one has Lashley’s back, so tonight the Clan gets its belt back.

Mr. Anderson/Rockstar Spud vs. Tyrus/Ethan Carter III

Anderson does his intro and Spud gets in a quick intro of his own. Tyrus reluctantly reveals his shaved head and no sells a right hand to the face from Anderson. Mr. hammers away in the corner before it’s off to Spud for more of the same. A bite to the head only makes Tyrus mad though and he plants Spud with a World’s Strongest Slam. Spud misses an elbow from Carter and makes the hot tag to Anderson, who hits a pretty bad looking neckbreaker for two on the big man.

The fans chant for Spud as Tyrus hits Anderson low and slows things down. Back to Carter for some right hands in the corner. I’m so glad his arm injury hasn’t kept him out of the ring for too long. Carter is way too good to be on the sideline that long. Tyrus slams Anderson down but completely misses a Vader Bomb, allowing for the tag to Spud. An Underdog (Dudley Dog) drops Tyrus and Anderson adds a low blow and the Mic Check, allowing Spud to get the pin at 7:00.

Result: Rockstar Spud/Mr. Anderson b. Tyrus/Ethan Carter III – Spud pinned Tyrus after a Mic Check from Anderson (7:00)

We recap the formation of the Trio, which led to the Beat Down Clan and helped Lashley beat Eric Young for the World Title.

Here’s Taryn Terrell to address Awesome Kong. Kong may have made her intentions clear, so get out here so Taryn can do the same thing. Instead here’s Gail Kim to tell Taryn how tough Kong is. If Taryn thinks Havok was tough, think about what Kong did to her. Taryn knows what she wants and is ready for Kong anytime. Kim leaves and the lights go out. Kong is in the ring and shrugs off everything Taryn throws at her before planting her with the Implant Buster.

The BDC throws the camerman out of their meeting.

We look at the BDC helping Lashley win the World Title back in January and then attacking Lashley just two weeks later.

Austin Aries might have a surprise for us tonight and holds up the briefcase.

Chris Melendez/Brooke vs. Robbie E./Angelina Love

Robbie gets in a cheap shot on Chris but gets hammered down and suplexed for two. Off to Brooke vs. Robbie with E. mocking her with Karate Kid crane poses, allowing Love to sneak in with some shots to the back. Some dropkicks send Love over to tag E. but eats a flapjack first. DJZ offers a distraction though, allowing E. to shove Brooke off the top for the pin at 3:26.

Result: Robbie E./Angelina Love b. Chris Melendez/Brooke – Shove off the top rope (3:26)

Carter tries to go into Spud’s locker room to shave his head but Anderson makes the save after a break. Tyrus ran in to help out his boss.

Gunner wants to know why Angle is leaving but Kurt says Lashley doesn’t want him around. That’s not enough for Gunner who wants the old Angle back. He slaps Kurt in the face but nothing comes of it.

Here’s Austin Aries with something to say. He’s thinking about cashing in this Feast or Fired briefcase tonight, but here’s Samoa Joe to interrupt. Joe isn’t going to allow Aries to cash in the case tonight because he can have trained assassins on him at any given moment. Aries wants to know where the old Joe has gone and a challenge is thrown out. Joe says bring it so Aries dives through the ropes to take him down.

Austin Aries vs. Samoa Joe

Joined in progress after a break with Aries hammering away in the corner. Joe is too big to have his brain busted though and sends Aries out to the floor. Back in and Joe stomps away before driving a knee into Aries’ ribs.  They slug it out with Aries getting the better of it, only to eat a running boot to the face and the backsplash for no cover.

We hit the bearhug on Aries for a bit before Aries low bridges him to the floor. A big top rope ax handle nails Joe but the brainbuster still doesn’t work. Aries escapes the Muscle Buster and hits some discus forearms to set up the Last Chancery. I’d buy that hold as more of a threat if it ever won anything. Cue Kenny King with the briefcase for a distraction, allowing Joe to put on the Clutch. Aries sends him face first into the case and hits a 450 for the pin at 7:55.

Result: Austin Aries b. Samoa Joe – 450 Splash (7:55)

The BDC comes in post match and puts Aries on the table. Low Ki hits the double stomp to Aries’ ribs but the table doesn’t break all the way. Instead, Joe adds a running backsplash to really send Aries through the wood.

Lashley says MVP has to go through him to win the title.  He doesn’t need Angle’s help either.

MVP praises Eric Young for injuring Roode last week. Young thinks there’s a hole in his heart and he has to fill it in with revenge. MVP suggests getting some of that revenge on Lashley for taking his World Title last year.

Noam Dar vs. Rampage Brown

Both guys are from British Boot Camp but before they can get very far, Bram comes in to beat up both guys with Impaler DDTs at 0:54.

Result: Noam Dar vs. Rampage Brown went to a no contest when Bram interfered (0:54)

Bram wants Magnus out here right now but he gets Grado instead. Grado dances down and gets in Bram’s face, only to get run over with ease. The third implant DDT puts Grado down again but there’s no Magnus.

TNA World Title: MVP vs. Bobby Lashley

Lashley is defending and runs him over to start before hitting a running clothesline in the corner. Some more clotheslines set up a delayed vertical suplex as it’s all Lashley so far. MVP bails to the floor but the rest of the BDC tries to interfere, earning then ejections as we take a break. Back with MVP sending him into the steps for two and kicking the champ in the back.

Kenny King and Samoa Joe are still at ringside for a stomping as I guess only half of the team was ejected. Back inside and MVP stomps away even more but both guys collide to put them down again. Lashley charges into the corner and plants MVP with a spinebuster for two. MVP tosses him with a suplex but misses the Black Out.

A spear drops MVP but the referee is bumped as well. Cue Eric Young with a chair to Lashley’s back but Bobby Roode comes out to break up a piledriver attempt. Young is gone so Lashley hits a powerslam on MVP, but the BDC breaks up the pin again. Cue Gunner to take out Joe, allowing MVP to hit the Play of the Day on Lashley for two. MVP grabs a chair but Drew Galloway takes him down, allowing the spear to retain Lashley’s title at 15:45.

Result: Lashley b. MVP – Spear (15:45)